She’s into falling stars signs and vapor
I will check the sun and call her later
The night we met I came to know her better

Her take on circumstance caught my mind
Bloody reason was hard to come by
We floated in the dark lost in the sensation
We were a world apart from our coronation

All things are connected she’s all about it
Drawing dots for a living no doubt about it
She’d turn away out of the blue
Are we alone out here or act on cue

She said I had to make amends
She lives by patterns and plans
I wonder where it was I’ve seen her
Was it apophenia...apophenia I don’t know.
Second Sun

Many who bought this also liked that
Skating around this deal you’ll surely regret     
Proceed, free code, check out, thank you so far
I needed your help with my CTR

Your data gets better at meeting my taste
Your neat ambition went to waste
Still telling me how white my shirt can be
Too much white noise, eventually

No you don’t mind wasting my time.

You keep saying – we will like it
you keep praying – you never will be done
you keep trying – now face it
We don’t need your ... second sun.
Back In The Game

Hey it's time now blow their mind
One too many zeros one too many lies
Separate and secret how low can they go
Yelling from the bleachers what do they know
This place will never be the same
We’re back in the game

This ain’t no nightmare this is surreal
Don’t count on reason how do you feel
One day we will fall apart one day we will shine
We don’t really have to wait around for the decline
This place will never be the same
We’re back in the game

Now the time is running wishing you were there
History is turning don’t you know
And now the world has changed beyond compare
Can you feel it we’d better go.